14 Oct

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone is comparatively a new addition to the already present gadget or communication like telephone, telegraph, wireless, etc. But in a short span of time, it has become an indispensable commodity throughout the world. The world wide it is getting popular day by day. Latest models of mobile phone in different sizes and colors and with every increasing functions and facilities arrive in the market day and day out. No doubt present age may be called the mobile age.

Mobile phone has countless advantages. It has is easy to carry in palm, pocket, purse. It helps in the maintenance of one’s privacy. One can go to some corner or some safe place to attend the incoming call or to ring up someone else. It keeps man in touch with the world round the clock. It has also helpful during the journey and emergency, in such situations it minimizes worry and saves one from untoward trouble, also much important in the field of trade, business, and commerce. The provision of certain functions and services like time clock, stop watch, calculator, composer, video camera, games, reminder, dictionary, internet facility, music, messages facility, etc, on it have made it real blessing . Mobile phone has also some harm on accounts of its wrong use. Sometimes it brings about accidents when the driver is busy in attending of sending a call and in doing so, his attentions is diverted from the road. Then mobile phone is used by criminals in committing evils of robbery, dacoit, kidnapping, hijacking, terrorism, etc. besides mobile phone proves a nuisance in places like mosques, silence zones, class rooms, meetings, and libraries when its has loud bells disturb the peaceful atmosphere, then mobile phone is said to be a source of causing heart and other diseases and patients are warned to make it careful use. Another harm factor which affect the most, that is much use of mobile phone by the youngster, students. They spent their precious time in using mobile phone in different terminologies, like massaging, long package calls, play games, sharing unproductive videos, etc. which shows the negative results.

In the present age of fast communication, mobile phone has totally become indispensable. Its proper and wise use is no less than a blessing for us. Its ever improving services are attracting and forcing people to buy it. No doubt mobile phone and its services are expensive in its quality wise, attraction shape or is compatibility, but it is hoped that with the rising competition among the present mobile companies and with the arrival of the new ones, it will become cheap and affordable foe everyone. No doubt today mobile phone becomes an industry. As the day passed its number of user increased. In progressive countries like USA, Japan, Austria, china, Germany, the mobile phone technology goes up and up and these countries got a lot of export of their economy.

In these countries Japan is much stronger then the other in mobile technology. The underdeveloped countries also try to work on mobile phone industry, In short mobile phone is a bless in our life.

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