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Mobile phone now becomes a major part of our life. The mobile phone is the best invention of 21st century. People now can’t leave without mobile. Mobile phone is the most convenient way of communication. Many people also use it as a gift purpose. The mobile phone is the most important module of communication. It is the most important tool of communication. Today there are many national and international companies are working on mobile phone. There are many advanced technologies are introduced in making mobile phones. Mobile phone is the great invention today life cycle. You can talk with other friends or family members easily. Mobile phone is the bigger invention of communication tool.

Mobile phones become a part of our busy life. Taiwan is the largest country of using mobile. Mobile phones become a popular communication device. Mobile phones are available in many shapes and models in the market. There are millions of users in the rural and underdeveloped countries. You can carry out your mobile in any place of the world. You can contact with other without hesitation. Mobile phones are also available in many colors and different models. You can use it in any emergency or small accident. You can use it in any trouble.

Mobile phones are also used for the data, pictures and video storage. Now a day mobile banking also starts that is the big deal for its customers. You can make a call at any time or any place without hesitation. It also plays a vital role in dealing crime. Blue tooth is also a big technology. Mobile phones are also used for business purpose. It has an ability to keep in touch with your family and friend anywhere in the world. Mobile phones are also used for taking pictures and listening music.

Through the mobile phone you can send SMS to your family friend or relative.  It also provides information about the direction. You can use it as a calculator. You can use it for chat and video conferencing purpose. You can use it for dealing with customers and shareholders. You can connect with whole of world through mobile. You can use it as a phone book. You can play games on it. You can use it for traveling purpose.

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