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Mobile phones are the best sold technology invention of 21st century. It is the massive technology of communication. It has many benefits but still are the persons who don’t use this massive technology. It is now become a part of our busy life. Before many years pigeons are used for sending a massage. Mobile phone is the best tool of communication in the world. There are many companies are launched their mobiles in the market. No body deny for benefits of its importance. But it has also some negative aspects. There are some disadvantages of mobile which are as under,

  • It is the disturbance element like hospitals, libraries, and Film Theater.
  • No correct information provider.
  • Its waves are harmful for health.
  • It has a safety matter device.
  • It is a cause of stress.
  • It may cause any accident on the road.
  • Use of camera and blue tooth in bad ways.
  • Connection deficiency.
  • Cyber billing disadvantage.
  • Abrupt use of mobile in operation theatre.
  • SMS sending in class room.
  • Changes of mobile sets.
  • Poor connectivity in some areas.
  • It has negative health effects.
  • Effect on children.
  • It may cause in increase in stress level.
  • Effect on the environment.
  • Un-safety matter.
  • Cost effective.
  • Burden of expensive.
  • It may cause depression.
  • Don’t allow your children too much.
  • Limit the use of mobile.
  • New technology problem.
  • Negative usage of mobile.
  • Many causes of new technology.
  • Mobile camera also a cause of privacy problem.
  • It is also cause of unnecessary expenses.
  • New mobiles are introduced every day.
  • Many people wanted to use latest mobiles.
  • Time consuming method.
  • Wastage of time module.
  • It may cause of damage your ear.
  • People are use it in driving that can be a serious cause of accident.

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