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The mobile phone is the most important communication tool in the world. Taiwan is the largest mobile usage country in the world. Today there are many international and national companies are working on mobile phones. There are many advanced technologies are used in making of mobile phones. There are many national and international companies launched their mobile models in the market. Mobile phone is the great invention today life cycle. Mobile phones are the bigger invention of communication tool. Mobile phone is the massive technology of communication.


  • Carry anywhere.
  • Contact with others easily and speedily.
  • No place or time limit.
  • It is the communication tool.
  • Use it than you feeling bored.
  • Different styles and colors.
  • Function of play music, take photos.
  • Use as Mp3 Player.
  • Different Functions.
  • Contacting other capacity.
  • It is so handy.
  • It is so convenient.
  • Helpful in listen music.
  • Helpful in listening news.
  • Use as a radio.
  • Different brands and different functions.
  • Helpful finding a person.
  • Use as a clock.
  • Use as a calendar.
  • Used as a calculator.
  • Use as a play games.
  • Easy to carry anywhere in the world.
  • Important for any emergency.
  • Use as a direction locator.
  • Best sold technology forever.
  • Best invention as gift.
  • Easy to access.
  • Easy to communicate with others.
  • Capacity of receiving massages at all time.
  • Use as a reminder.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Talk with family and friends other countries.
  • Beneficial in any emergency or accident.
  • Beneficial for a business man.
  • Beneficial for any contact to other.
  • Use as a watching videos.

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